Current Project – Front walk-up

I don’t take enough before pictures, but this 100 year old sidewalk was buried under brick pavers for some reason. It is not complete level, but nowt bad enough to cover. Luckily now there is technology that can fix it. Currently getting some bids on sidewalk leveling so it can be completely restore.

One of the big issues with Taylor is it is built right on clay, so with Texas heat and rain, a lot of things move. Thankfully they built everything better back in the day so we don’t have to destroy it.

Something that I found useful for moving all those pavers was this 2-wheel dolly with the large wheels. Made it much easier to move versus using the wheelbarrow.

The Loose Screw Beer House & Garden

The Loose Screw is one of my favorite weekend spots. Luckily living 2 blocks away make it an easy walk with the kids. It is located at Old Taylor High. Has a large outdoor area with lots of tables. Lot of room for kids to run around in the school fields. Food Trucks, live music, etc…

Oh yeah, they also have beer and wine. 42 rotating taps! Everyone is bound to find something they like. There are even non-alcoholic drinks.

Don and Tammy are awesome people. If you have some time on the weekend it is an easy drive and a nice way to spend the afternoon.

The Loose Screw Patio

Texas Beer Company

One of my favorite things about living in Taylor, TX is the Texas Beer Company. From their own beer to the guest rotating taps, there is always a beer from someones taste.

There is also food options, most days Davis BBQ is there to sell some of their awesome BBQ. There is also pizza from the local 2nd Street Farm-To-Market.

One of the benefits of living in downtown Taylor is it is also just a short walk.

Update – Moved to Taylor

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 8.28.30 AM.png

One of my last post back in 2011 I visited Taylor. Well now in 2019 I live there. So far I would have to put it up there with the second favorite place I have ever lived. I don’t know if anything will dethrone Los Angeles, but I will try my best to make it happen.

More stories soon to come, been a while since I have been excited to talk about living in Texas.

Kitchen Remodel

Just finished the kitchen remodel and I couldn’t be happier.

We were able to reuse the cabinets by replacing the drawer fronts and buying new cabinet doors from

The countertops we got from Ikea, in case you didn’t know the price per square foot from them includes installation!

We painted the cabinets and drawers with an oil based paint from Sherwin-Williams. This gives it almost a hard shell which makes it difficult to come off.

Then the flooring I had delivered from Home Depot and put in myself, it was really easy. Water proof great for kitchens. I actually like the feel and sound of it over the “wood” products.

I am really happy with how it turned out and only ended up costing about $7,000 vs the $20,000-$30,000 I was quoted from different contractors.