Garden and Landscaping Tips for July

The Flamingo Place

We are entering our least productive season for planting here in Central Texas. Accordingly, the planting recommendations are slim this month, so focus on keeping your summer vegetables that you planted in June and start planning your fall garden.

  1. Keep a close check on recently planted landscape plants. Inadequate root system and drought can be damaging.
  2. Watch for and apply early control for summer insects and disease to prevent build-up and spread.
  3. Check Azaleas and Camellias for iron chrlorosis (pale greem leaves, darker green veins). If necessary, use copperas or iron chelate to correct iron deficiency.
  4. Early blooming mums can take one last pinch by mid-July. Those blooming late in the fall can be given one additional pinch the end of July.
  5. Check Junipers and Marigolds for red spider mite. Hold a sheet of white paper below a branch with brown, discolored foliage and tap the branch sharply. If the dirt specks start to move, you can be almost certain you have spider mites.
  6. Divide spring and early summer perennials including daffodils, Daylilies, Iris, etc., and replant the best clumps. Discard the diseased or damage of material, and share any surplus with friends.
  7. Beat the heat by doing some low energy garden decorating like pruning off dead limbs. Add yard art such as a birdbath or feeder, or perhaps a pink flamingo
  8. Lawn maintenance tip for the summer heat: use only sprinklers that spray the least amount of water into the air: This will lessen the amount of evaporation. If you have time use a soaker hose on the parts of your lawn that are shaded. Always pay attention to water conservation rules.

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